Week beginning 6th February

During this week we have been making igloos out of sugar cubes, sharing our learning journals with our family, measuring ourselves against a life size polar bear, building igloos out of boxes and Y6 came and shared the picture books they have written with us. We also carried out an experiment to find out how polar bears stay warm in icy cold water! Our phonics sounds have been ‘oi’ as in coin, ‘ur’ as in hurt, ‘ow’ as in cow, and ‘ear’ as in hear.


Wk beginning 30th January

This week we began by looking at Chinese New Year. We made some dragons and Y1 came to share their knowledge of China, they had made Chinese scrolls. We have been on shape hunts around the school and found a variety of 2d shapes. We have begun to learn about polar bears and their habitat as well investigating how we can help ice to melt faster. We looked at our learning journals and talked about our favourite photographs. In phonics we have focused on the sounds ‘oo’ – as is ‘good’ and ‘soon’, ‘ar’ as in ‘car’ and ‘or’ as in ‘for’.

Don’t forget that next week is Learning Journal week and you are welcome to come and look at them with your child every morning.


Week beginning 23rd January

This week we focused on the sounds ‘ai’, ‘ee’, ‘igh’ and ‘oa’. This were a bit tricky so we practiced sounding out words and writing them down. We also looked at 2D shapes and created some pictures with them. We enjoyed making ice lollies and talking about what happens when they freeze. We also explored mixing colours and making mosaic penguins. A year three child came to share his knowledge of penguins with us and we found out lots of information.


Week beginning 9th January

Happy New Year! We hope you had a lovely Christmas. Thank you so much for our gifts and cards they were much appreciated. We have begun the year by looking at the book Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. This story is about a penguin and a boy who eventually become friends. From this we have looked at how penguins move, investigated ice, found the South Pole and other places on an atlas, made penguins out of egg cartons, listened to other stories about penguins and found out some penguin facts. This week we have recapped ‘th’,’ch’ and ‘sh’ and created some rhyming strings for example, hop, mop, top.


A busy few weeks in reception!

The last two weeks in reception have been very busy. We have performed our Christmas play, had our Christmas party and taken part in lots of Christmas activities! We created a winter wonderland in the classroom and we all enjoyed exploring it. We have made snowflakes, snowmen, printed some decorations, threaded stars and created table decorations. We also decorated the garden with Christmas decorations.



Week beginning 28th November

This week we have been rehearsing our Christmas Play and making the animals masks. Mr Owers has taught us how to use hockey sticks safely and dribble a ball. The weather has also been very frosty in the mornings, so we went outside and made marks in the ice. Some of us drew faces or wrote some letters and numbers that we recognize.

img_20161129_093807-large img_20161130_095335-large img_20161130_095228-large img_20161130_095142-large img_20161130_094237-large img_20161130_095236-large img_20161130_095022-large img_20161129_100718-large img_20161130_094908-large img_20161129_094054-large img_20161129_101921-large


Week beginning 14th November

This week we have continued to learn our Christmas Play songs with nursery. We have also chosen the parts we would like to play. We have begun to learn about addition in maths and have added objects together. Outside we pulled up the last sunflower and used it measure lots of things, including ourselves! We have continued with our phonics sounds focusing on ‘zz’, ‘qu’ and the words ‘back’ and ‘had’. Here are some pictures of us learning.

img_20161117_095654-large img_20161117_094615-large

img_20161110_142315 img_20161110_142157 img_20161110_142810-large img_20161114_090158-large img_20161114_091923-large img_20161114_142337-large img_20161114_103908-large


Week beginning 7th November

This week we have been outside on a frost walk. It was a beautiful day and we went and investigated what the frost on the field felt like and what it sounded like when we walked on it. We also collected different coloured leaves which we then sorted back in the classroom. We looked at the work of Jackson Pollock and used the paint outside to create a large firework picture. On Monday we made winter soup. We cut up carrots, leeks, potatoes and pumpkin. We put the vegetables in a saucepan with some vegetable stock and cream and cooked it. We all had a chance to taste it during the afternoon! In phonics we have focused on the sounds ‘y’ and ‘z’ and the words ‘can’ and ‘dad’.

img_20161108_103020-large img_20161108_102433-large img_20161108_095555-large img_20161108_095052-large img_20161108_094953-large img_20161108_094203-large img_20161107_094216-large

img_20161107_141031-large  img_20161107_140350-large img_20161107_140538-large img_20161107_140747-large


Week beginning 31st Oct

This week we have been scooping out the inside of the pumpkins and then we investigated the sounds they made when they were hollow. We ended up with a pumpkin drum kit! We then did some observational drawings. We also talked about the festival of Diwali and then created Rangoli patterns. Some of us planted bulbs outside in the garden and we also practised our balancing and climbing in the hall. We have continued our phonics and looked at some new sounds ‘j’, ‘v’ and ‘w’. We also investigated weighing with the balance scales.

img_20161103_085655 img_20161101_115809-large img_20161031_094631-large-large img_20161101_104357-large img_20161101_085523-large img_20161101_103230-large img_20161102_111058-large img_20161102_111442 img_20161102_110735-large img_20161102_111039-large img_20161031_145219-largeHere are some pictures.


Week beginning 17th October

This week we have been decorating biscuits as our Jewel Jar treat. We will eat them tomorrow afternoon. We have been focusing on the sounds ‘f’, ‘ff’ and ‘ss’ in our phonics sessions and the features of a book. Miss Schieffer has also been teaching us some German words linked to the book Leafman. Having read the book lots of times, we went out on a scavenger hunt and made our own Leafmen.

img_20161018_093706-large img_20161018_093728-large img_20161018_093828-large img_20161018_094702-large img_20161018_095038-large img_20161018_095230-large img_20161018_095422-large img_20161019_101248-large img_20161019_101637-large img_20161019_101522-large img_20161019_101122-large