Autumn has arrived and Reception have really enjoyed learning about this season! We have been out on a walk to look for signs of Autumn around the school and we have played a colour matching game. We have also created paintings with conkers and made pictures from objects after we read ‘The Leaf Man.’

Here are some photos of our week.

IMG_0681 (Medium) IMG_0682 (Medium) IMG_0684 (Medium) IMG_0686 (Medium) IMG_0687 (Medium) IMG_0689 (Medium) IMG_0690 (Medium) IMG_0691 (Medium) IMG_0697 (Medium) IMG_0698 (Medium) IMG_0718 (Medium) IMG_0719 (Medium) IMG_0720 (Medium) IMG_0721 (Medium) IMG_0723 (Medium) Picture 001 (Medium) Picture 002 (Medium) Picture 003 (Medium) Picture 004 (Medium) Picture 016 (Medium) Picture 017 (Medium) Picture 018 (Medium) Picture 019 (Medium) Picture 022 (Medium) Picture 026 (Medium) Picture 028 (Medium) Picture 029 (Medium)


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