IMG_7115 (Medium) IMG_7116 (Medium) IMG_7118 (Medium) IMG_7119 (Medium) IMG_7120 (Medium)  IMG_7124 (Medium) IMG_7125 (Medium) IMG_7162 (Medium) IMG_7163 (Medium) IMG_7164 (Medium) IMG_7165 (Medium) IMG_7166 (Medium)

IMG_7180 (Medium) IMG_7182 (Medium) IMG_7183 (Medium) IMG_7184 (Medium) IMG_7187 (Medium)

This week, we have been learning about 3D shapes. We have used the shapes to build our own castles and then we have written a description of the castle. We talked about what it would be called, who would live in it, and named the different features of the castle.


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