Yesterday we enjoyed a fun filled Christmas Party! We played party games in the hall, danced and watched the talent show.

Here are some pictures.

IMG_1483 (Medium) IMG_1484 (Medium) IMG_1485 (Medium) IMG_1487 (Medium) IMG_1489 (Medium) IMG_1490 (Medium) IMG_1499 (Medium) IMG_1500 (Medium) IMG_1501 (Medium) IMG_1504 (Medium) IMG_1506 (Medium) IMG_1508 (Medium) IMG_1509 (Medium) IMG_1510 (Medium) IMG_1512 (Medium) IMG_1513 (Medium)  IMG_1517 (Medium) IMG_1518 (Medium) IMG_1519 (Medium) IMG_1520 (Medium) IMG_1521 (Medium)



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