Knebworth House

We really enjoyed our visit to Knebworth House to follow the Dinosaur Trail. We then played garden games such as tennis, parachute games, and pick up sticks.

Here are some pictures.

IMG_20160608_110430587 (Medium) IMG_20160608_110535837 (Medium) IMG_20160608_111106195 (Medium) IMG_20160608_113512672_HDR (Medium) IMG_20160608_113619106 (Medium)  IMG_20160608_125323433_HDR (Medium) IMG_20160608_125348622_HDR (Medium) IMG_20160608_130117956_HDR (Medium) IMG_20160608_131104282 (Medium) IMG_20160608_131113681 (Medium) IMG_20160608_131124842 (Medium) IMG_20160608_131922697 (Medium)  IMG_20160608_132115962 (Medium) IMG_20160608_132835263 (Medium)

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