Messy Play!

Last week we were very creative in Reception! We used spaghetti and paint to create some lovely pictures.

Here are some pictures.

IMG_3092 (Medium) IMG_3093 (Medium) IMG_3094 (Medium) IMG_3095 (Medium) IMG_3096 (Medium) IMG_3097 (Medium) IMG_3098 (Medium) IMG_3099 (Medium) IMG_3101 (Medium) IMG_3102 (Medium) IMG_3104 (Medium) IMG_3105 (Medium) IMG_3106 (Medium) IMG_3108 (Medium) IMG_3064 (Medium) IMG_3065 (Medium) IMG_3066 (Medium) IMG_3067 (Medium) IMG_3069 (Medium) IMG_3070 (Medium) IMG_3078 (Medium) IMG_3079 (Medium) IMG_3080 (Medium) IMG_3081 (Medium) IMG_3082 (Medium) IMG_3083 (Medium) IMG_3084 (Medium) IMG_3085 (Medium) IMG_3086 (Medium) IMG_3087 (Medium) IMG_3090 (Medium) IMG_3091 (Medium)

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