Week beginning 14th November

This week we have continued to learn our Christmas Play songs with nursery. We have also chosen the parts we would like to play. We have begun to learn about addition in maths and have added objects together. Outside we pulled up the last sunflower and used it measure lots of things, including ourselves! We have continued with our phonics sounds focusing on ‘zz’, ‘qu’ and the words ‘back’ and ‘had’. Here are some pictures of us learning.

img_20161117_095654-large img_20161117_094615-large

img_20161110_142315 img_20161110_142157 img_20161110_142810-large img_20161114_090158-large img_20161114_091923-large img_20161114_142337-large img_20161114_103908-large

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