Week beginning 31st Oct

This week we have been scooping out the inside of the pumpkins and then we investigated the sounds they made when they were hollow. We ended up with a pumpkin drum kit! We then did some observational drawings. We also talked about the festival of Diwali and then created Rangoli patterns. Some of us planted bulbs outside in the garden and we also practised our balancing and climbing in the hall. We have continued our phonics and looked at some new sounds ‘j’, ‘v’ and ‘w’. We also investigated weighing with the balance scales.

img_20161103_085655 img_20161101_115809-large img_20161031_094631-large-large img_20161101_104357-large img_20161101_085523-large img_20161101_103230-large img_20161102_111058-large img_20161102_111442 img_20161102_110735-large img_20161102_111039-large img_20161031_145219-largeHere are some pictures.

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