World Book Day!

IMG_2618 (Medium) IMG_2619 (Medium) IMG_2621 (Medium) IMG_2622 (Medium) IMG_2624 (Medium) IMG_2625 (Medium) IMG_2626 (Medium) IMG_2629 (Medium) IMG_2630 (Medium) IMG_2632 (Medium) IMG_2633 (Medium) IMG_2634 (Medium) IMG_2635 (Medium) IMG_2636 (Medium) IMG_2638 (Medium) IMG_2639 (Medium) IMG_2640 (Medium) IMG_2641 (Medium) IMG_2645 (Medium) IMG_2646 (Medium) IMG_2647 (Medium) IMG_2650 (Medium) IMG_2653 (Medium) IMG_2654 (Medium) IMG_2655 (Medium) IMG_2657 (Medium) IMG_2658 (Medium) IMG_2664 (Medium)Yesterday we enjoyed celebrating World Book Day. Reception dressed up as lots of different characters from our favourite stories. Here are some pictures.


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